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Tel: 01698 638 338

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Improve PC Performance With A PC Health Check

Our PC Health Check is a great way to ensure your PC is running as smoothly as possible. This is done by analysing your computer for potential issues and taking the best course of action to prevent future problems.

Every Health Check we perform consists of the same diagnostic checks with resolutions to suit your needs. Due to the number of steps involved in our health check we require your computer in our office fro a minimum of 4 hours.

When your PC Health Check has been completed we can talk you through any tasks completed and recommend future upgrades or considerations. If you chose to take our advice regarding any upgrades we will install them free of charge (excluding parts).

Although we may suggest upgrades to your system, we will kake you aware before hand what to expect if completed. At no point will we attempt to upgrade your system if it will not make a significant improvement.


  • Troubleshoot Faults
  • Free Up Disk Space
  • Install New Software
  • Remove Unused Software
  • Optimise Windows
  • Clear Browser Cache
  • Software Updates
  • Security Scans
  • Hardware Tests
  • Defragmentation
  • Create A Restore Point
  • Upgrade Advice
  • Internet Security (+£15)

Why Does Your Computer Slow Down

One of the main reasons for poor PC performance is lack of maintenance. Just like your car, your computer can benefit greatly from routine servicing. Over time your computer gets bogged down due to consistant use. Simple tasks like web browsing leave behind cookies and temporary files, software installations leave behind configuration files, old software utilises resources you don't have to spare and we haven't even considered virus or malware yet. You may already have noticed that your system is not as spritely as it used to be, why not book you computer in for a Health Check and get things back to normal?

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Add Bullguard Internet Security

Make the most of your PC Health Check by protecting your machine for the next 12 months with Bullguard Internet Security. Save upto 50% by adding Bullguard to your PC Health Check. For just £15 you will get a full 12 months subscription for up to 3 Microsoft Windows devices.

Alternatively try Bullguard Internet Security for FREE for 2 Months, discounted price not available when FREE trial expires.

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