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Tel: 01698 638 338

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Custom Computer Systems

Computer systems are amongst the most expensive items many of us will ever purchase, but with so many options out there, how do you know you are getting the system you need?

How about buying a computer designed and built to meet your exact requirements?.

There are 3 main bands of computer - Home/Office, Gaming & Professional. This will dictate the budget and help select the required components.

Please take a look at the comparison chart below to find out which type of system you should considering.

In a custom built computer every component can be selected to suit your needs, so if you are at all unsure please get in touch.

Home/Office Systems

Entry level systems designed for day to day computing.


Gaming Systems

High Spec systems designed for demanding gaming.


Professional Systems

Performance systems for intensive design applications.







Operating System

What Can It Do?

Intel AMD

Intel i3 Intel i5 AMD A8 AMD A10

Min 4GB / 8GB Recommended



Windows 10 Home / Windows 10 Pro

Productivity, Internet, Email, Light Gaming

- £800

Intel AMD

Intel i5 Intel i7 AMD Ryzen

Min 8GB / 16GB+ Recommended


AMD Radeon NVidia GeForce

Windows 10 Home / Windows 10 Pro

Demanding Gaming

£500 +

Intel AMD

Intel i5 Intel i7 Intel i9 Intel Xeon

Min 8GB / 16GB+ Recommended


AMD NVidia

Windows 10 Pro

CAD, Photo Editing

£1000 +

Specifications & budgets are provided as indication only. In the instance of gaming and professional systems prices could be in the thousands depending on specification.

Fancy A Few Extras?

We can also supply all sorts of additional components for your new computer including monitors, Speakers, Keyboards, Mice & Printers. We can slo provide a range of applications including Security & Productivity Suites.

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